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That kike cocksucking lying piece of shit!

What he doesn't say that we wouldn't need an ally in the middle east if we didn't fuck around in the middle east politically. ie: our support of Israel contributes to the conflict. By supporting them WE MAKE ENEMIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Sand niggers aren't screaming Death to Australia! now are they? And why is that? Because these other countries stay the fuck out of the middle east.

We spent 60 fucking gorbillion dollars on aid for the Israeli's to develop their Iron Dome system for missile defense and they offered to sell us the finished product for 50 gorbillion each. THIS IS OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ISRAEL YOU CUNTS.

Israel withholds vital intelligence every day from US assets. They poke and fuck with other countries all the time, look at what they did to the Iranian nuclear scientists a few years ago.........

  • they issued a statement to his car bombing like oh he died? that's too bad, if we were to have anything to do with it we'd take credit but nope, we didnu nuffin'. They cried like little bitches a few months later when the Iranians offed a few of theirs though.

Fuck Israel! This guy, this retired military general fucktwat has some investment in Israel. A kickback of some sort, same as ALL the military fuckheads who support Israel.


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Two most hated countries in the world 1-Israel

2- USA

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These idiot boomers are still preaching that the jewz ar gods chosen peepoles!. Oh my god, the stupidity, I actually heard it again first hand the other day. I lost my shit.

The jews WERE gods chosen people, then they became christians you mouth breathing fucktards.

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You mean if we just stayed in our nice little bubble?

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So we should give them $38B so they can buy our stuff? That's just illogical.

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babes, jews are a tribe of gypsies... gypsies are jews... govern yourselves accordingly babes!

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Pretty sure you're a Jew posting as some kind of ridiculous strawman.

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Israel takes care of itself

while taking $38 billion more American taxdollars

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Chuck Wald (Happy Hanukkah) is a Jew who puts Israeli interests ahead of American interests. He is a traitor to America and should be dealt with accordingly.

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There's a reason they're called PragerJEW

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I am seeing menorahs everywhere.

I never saw them when the liberals were in charge.

But since all the cucked RINO zionists got (s)elected....boom!

A menorah on every block.

Why is that?

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jewish gypsey supremist symbolism.... how is this stuff not torn down faster than it appears... wisen ups babes!

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Israeli freedom is American oppression

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