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The Jewish guy thought he was going to make a viral video but winds up recording everyone hating his ass. The comments are funny.

My favorite comment so far: "Been a long time since a Jew has been on a train ride that lit"

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I don't get the lit part.

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That’s good. It’s nigger babble.

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"lit" is a slang term roughly meaning good but, it also happens to overlap with literal fire: jews+train+fire = holocaust.

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"Eat a DICK nigga. DICK!!!!!"

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People are waking up, the next oven ride will be the final, not one will be without roasties

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I'm sure there must be a VOAT rule prohibiting erotic talk on subs - you've got me all horny now.

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Wtf is a roastie?

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I love watching victims victimizing victims

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It's my new favourite sport.

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I'm missing my jewcap, this is a problem.

Holy shit, he's a caricature of himself.

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They are literally cartoons. They have a lockdown on society on so many levels that they can do whatever the fuck they want. Im sure the faggot got scolded by some higher jew to not stand out so much in the future.

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"You stupid kike, you got named!"

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It's like when the child of an important government official in a dictatorship acts out and then follows up with "you know who my father is?"

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Do jews call their hat a jew cap pmsl.

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I've never heard them call a yarmulke a jewcap, but he did in this video.

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In fact, using the word jew as an adjective is hate speech. Fraid we're gonna have to take him in.

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No. The Hebrew word is kipa . The Yiddish word is yarmulke.

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The thing I'd like to know: did he actually stop the entire train and keep it stopped because he lost his jewcap? What a colossal asshole if he did.

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he did

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While holding up the train for 3 minutes, you can't even write this shit. Too funny.

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Lol i inow rigjt? It was fuckin sam hyde under cover

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Rabbi Forrskein Coinblatt

19 hours ago

Oy vey this shvartz thinks he can get away with literally gassing this poor innocent and humble Jewish merchant? This is an outrage, my grandmother didn’t get gassed 27 times in 7 different Nazi death camps just so some arrogant shvartzes could openly attack us chosen.

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16 hours ago

Gradually, I began to hate them.


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Give him a KFC and purple drank, he dun earned it.

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And string his ass up from a tree shortly after.

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best comment I read

at the 2:00 mark, the deafening silence. This is why the IDF wear diapers


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He definitely dindu nuffin this time - is my fav.

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/u/Joe_McCarthy did you find your jew cap?

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Comment of the century.

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Acting like a selfish asshole..
Inconvenience thousands of people because you lost your jewcap.

He didnt touch me.. He touched me.. WTF.. and a liar.

And the video starts late and ends early..

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Acting like a selfish asshole..

*Being a selfish asshole..


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Lets pump those numbers up

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Both of them know that is is the accusation of racism that is their strongest weapon in this encounter and whoever looks the most sympathetic gets to be the non-racist.

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This will be the Jews downfall. If they are successful in killing off whites, their nigger pets will turn on them and end them too because most niggers don't see any difference between white and Jewish.

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That's true. He actually called him a jewish cracker or something similar.

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some of them even realize that jews are disproportionately represented in the wealthy.

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You just described a prequel to Planet of the Apes.

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I don't think the black guy was trying to win any PC points though. Not with the amount of times he called the guy a faggot jew bitch cracka.

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