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Shortly afterwards the student was seen climbing the Empire State Building clutching a white female social worker.

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Dude, its a woman !!

Well a gorilla for sure, the sex doesnt even matter.

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upvoat x10

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In the video he says they can't get suspended or arrested for doing this. Govt creating more violence.

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True. Its an Obama federal mandate trump never yet cancelled!

July 26 2012 Obama EXECUTIVE ORDER that violent blacks attacking students with weapons, or EVEN TEACHERS, cannot be expelled or even suspended at a average rate higher than asian students or whites ! They also CANNOT be arrested by cops !


Zero tolerance policies for stabbing white firls in EYES with pencils or white boys multiple times i NECK are null and void under obama and a SHARP PENCIL is now not ruled a weapon if wielded by the paw of a nigger ! Really!

Sharp Pencil Not a Weapon Under Pennsylvania School Code :


Under Obama you also cannot put little niglets into padded walled SCREAMING ROOMS.

SCREAMING ROOMS are banned. They now "lock" the niglets in the hallways by inversely locking all class doors and let the apes chimp out in the hallways running amok! I am not kidding.

Nigs are feral in SJW bastions like St Paul minnessota :


TL/DR : IT IS A FEDERAL Order that only whites can get expelled or suspended. Blacks are immune!

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Thanks for info

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More reasons to homeschool.

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The females are far more dangerous than the males. When I was in high school before most of you were born, we had race riots all the f*ing time. One high- yellow ape bitch (she was big and fat) punched the dean in his face- they had a fight and literally were rolling down the stairs that were in lunch area. Her equally psycho brother liked to bring knives under a fake cast and attack white guys. Yep, Niggars teach you to hate them. Hate them well.

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Still remember stories from my father, decades ago, about the first day of school in his state after desegregation. They started bussing blacks into all-white schools (forcefully). He had a knife blade pressed to his throat by a gaggle of googles in the bathroom. FIRST FUCKING DAY. It's been a literal failure since the first day. Of course, judging by the Jews metric, it's been a complete, resounding success. Demoralize and fragment white Christian society (because let's face it, all whites are Christians to the kikes, and all Christians worth killing (ie non-Catholic) are white).

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Thats a girl?

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A girl monkey

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Sucker punches a old teacher weak from cancer, it must feel like a big badass ape after that. Hard to feel to bad though, blacks raised their kids to be animals so they got to expect their dogs will attack them too at some point.

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They raise their kids to be animals because they are animals. Human beings don't behave like that.

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Listen/look at how the teacher responds. She tries to backpedal. The little 'boon goes "Don't you EVAH diss my homie!" after the punch. And what does the teacher say?

"I didn't diss your homie" or something along those lines. Not "You're going to the principal's office", not "you're going to jail", not "you'll be expelled for this"- no, she backpedals and tries to appease the little savage that just punched her.

The only language savages speak is force. The only thing they respect is strength.

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I agree. Personally if I was at teaching out of beat the living shit out of her minor or not. But hey savages expect savage behavior from their demon spawn

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They cant feel remorse because they have no empathy.

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so. fucking. primitive.

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Never mind this,,,, teacher is also a nigger

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if rats are eating each other in your basement, it's still your problem. ship these sub-humans back to africa and let famine and AIDS do their job.

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