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Matt Damon raped me too...Ben Afleck jerked off on the couch. I was forced to watch, it was like watching a butthole finger itself.

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Matt Damon raped me

Ben Afleck jerked off

He was always the less competent of the pair.

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Well it is his left nut.

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/#YouTOO? #MeFisted :(

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Matt Damon raped my neighbor's dog.

They're too traumatized to talk about it, so I'm here to testify.

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I witnessed your neighbor’s dog being raped.

I was asleep, 4000 miles away but I remember it in my dream as if it were only 36 years ago....

....the night was dark

grass was green

If you follow my drift and know what I mean....

..drank a bit of wine before bed, might have gone to my head

Sill I swear I will NOT lie to you, also would like to remind you that your neighbors dog is a bitch

At least she is in my dream and I’ll tell you something else!

To collaborate your accusation, slightly sensational

Matt Damon in reality is only really interested in cat beastiality

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I don't remember any of this, but I do remember Matt Damon raping everyone on voat over a 20 year period. Thank god we have witnesses. #MePoo

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Great art can't be repressed.

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That poor dog! Not only is Matt Damon a rapist, but the SLIMEBAG is an animal abuser as well!!! DIE MOTHERFUCKING MATT DAMON!

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I was raped by Ghostbusters 2016.

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Never wasted my time. So sorry you did.

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Date night with large popcorns and sodas, that's like a $50 rape.

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IMDb raped everybody with that bullshit. I saw it. I know.

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I love Owen, he probably one the most creative comedians to date.

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I have loved assisting in his redpilling over the last couple years. I am surprised Crowder still allows him there.

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I too was raped by Matt Damon. In 1995. I remember telling my friend about it in a Skype call the next day.

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Guys, I'm sorry... I have to reveal this information but Ben Affleck touch my penis inappropriately during a cast call on Batman vs Superman

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When I was a child Ben Affleck repeatedly molested me by putting lipstick on my hands and forcing me to jerk him off while singing in falsetto about Tacos N' burritos.

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I was present at every single one of these rapes. These harrowing accounts are all too real.

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