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Concealed carry folks. These "pranks/jokes" these cunts like to pull would all disappear if people didn't tolerate it AND enforced it.

Fuck them. I don't let people get close to my person when i see that kind of aggressive walk. That a major red flag ESPECIALLY when they are not alone.

Dindus gunna dindu. Why not turn em into a holy dindu.

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"Oh we going viral today". Taken to the 10 regression of ghetto verbalization.

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why won't you deliver to my area any more...so racist!!

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And they call "food deserts" racist.

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When I see shit like this, I just wish he would have pulled out a gun. Fuck these pieces of trash.

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I do hope that some nigger tries this shit on me.

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laugh now niggers

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goonie goo goo

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