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You're absolutely right, diversity can in fact be a strength. Diversity of some things can also be a weakness. The real question is, diversity of what? The correct amount of diversity of thought for example, can help us find solutions to problems that need solutions.


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What is diversity then? Hawaii has one of the most diverse schools in the nation, but the reality is that there are a lot of asians and not many blacks. I argue that diversity for diversity sake is meaningless because in the case of Hawaii, the racial makeup is very different from the mainland. 30% is considered "2 or more race" and we have no clear definition of what that is except more then likely it's not black. Diversity in the sense of different discipline makes sense.Diversity in the sense of different races and cultures not so much. In the end agonizing over superficial criteria like race is a waste of time.


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I said and meant diversity as in the concept of pluralism. You're getting into types, specifically, the racial kind. Excess of the racial diversity may indeed likely be harmful, in how it tends to sow discord/chaos. I personally can't think of very many instances, where petitioning for that kind of diversity for it's on sake is useful.

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That means whites are PARTIALLY responsible for the outcome. And if whites are PARTIALLY responsible for the outcome, then white control PARTIALLY results in a high nigger crime rate.

Conveying what's happening in the world as best we can is critical. Yes, Control = Responsibility, however those that were in control are also only partially responsible for the outcome of blacks.

What then though happens when blacks are in control, in let's say Africa. How do the other races fair after they've been oppressed. At what rate do others usually 'spring back'? Nearly every race has at some point been oppressed or enslaved. Is the black white disparity merely all because of circumstance, or are other factors perhaps at play?

"Jordan Peterson- His Finest Moment"

Competence plays a role that can't be ignored. It's for example the single greatest predictor of success in the (mostly) meritocratic United States. We've got an incessant itch for competence, If only just so the capitalist free market can better 'exploit' it. If blacks were competent, they'd be picked up and see themselves succeed, and rise out of their conditions.

Alas though, blacks do in fact have lower IQ, poorer impulse control, etc. with IQ being 75% genetic. It's partly why I'm thinking more and more that co-habitation of races sows discord, chaos, and resentment about differences, and that it's why they should probably separate. Relative inequality, prevents black African descendants in the US (as a group), who allegedly have it better living conditions than any others in the world, from being content with what they have, and play a corrosive type of resentment based identity politics.

The many studies I've seen done about "multiculturalism", "diversity", and "relative inequality" all point to extremely detrimental effects. Westerners are living in an experiment.

IDEOLOGICALLY POSSESED White supremacists believe that cause and effect are superseded by race as if the genes are the governing agent and the restrictions we apply to them are a useless afterthought.

I don't believe that in all cases it's a totally useless afterthought. Education can help a bit, until you run up against the brick wall that is genetics. Then there are significant diminishing returns to more education. That's all also just repeating what mainstream science says. We can't really raise intelligence, only lower it.

White supremacists are basically admitting that education is useless and that no man may train himself to escape his fate. He must merely accept it; white supremacists believe that if you were born in the ghetto, you are doomed to the ghetto. That's why they say, if you were born an African in Africa, you must commit crime. For white supremacists, this is a foregone conclusion.

To a certain extent they're right, however they're not doomed to it, even if statistically crime/ghettos are likely. Also "that no man may train himself to escape his fate" shouldn't be taken the wrong way. If blacks stop working at themselves, they're doomed out of the gate. To harshly comparing themselves to more 'successful' races does them no good.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos


4. Compare yourself to who YOU were yesterday, not to who someone else is today

White people are the cause. Niggers are the effect.

Most my responses have revolved around the extremes in people's speech.