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I think diversity can be a weakness in that people of widely different cultural backgrounds won't be able to work together as efficiently.

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This. I don't think most people here would say that brown Dinesh Desuza guy is an issue since he aligns with the culture. That's the main issue. Melting pot means CULTURES blend. IDGAF if someone doesn't eat pork, but you can't stop others from eating it. Same way I think most here don't really care about the pork, more than the FGM. Could be like the M&M's clause bands added to make sure everything else was up to spec.

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You're absolutely right, diversity can in fact be a strength. Diversity of some things can also be a weakness. The real question is, diversity of what? The correct amount of diversity of thought for example, can help us find solutions to problems that need solutions.

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What is diversity then? Hawaii has one of the most diverse schools in the nation, but the reality is that there are a lot of asians and not many blacks. I argue that diversity for diversity sake is meaningless because in the case of Hawaii, the racial makeup is very different from the mainland. 30% is considered "2 or more race" and we have no clear definition of what that is except more then likely it's not black. Diversity in the sense of different discipline makes sense.Diversity in the sense of different races and cultures not so much. In the end agonizing over superficial criteria like race is a waste of time.

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You're a fucking idiot. Diversity is NEVER a strength when it comes to nations; only homogeneity is. Source: ALL OF FUCKING HUMAN HISTORY.

Fuck back off to Israel, who worthless ShariaBlue shill. You might have tricked other Voaters, but you sure as shit haven't tricked me....

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I wouldn't evil say it's pens vs pencils. it's like saying it's bad if there's only green pens, but it's great if there's only orange pens.