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The left is so far out in la-la land, they go apeshit when anyone asks the most reasonable and obvious question, the answer to which is equally obvious. Diversity is not a strength, it is a weakness. We all know that. So why should we even pretend to listen to the left when they make the obviously false statement, "diversity is our strength?" We should not listen to them. We should laugh at them.

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I think diversity can be a weakness in that people of widely different cultural backgrounds won't be able to work together as efficiently.

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You're absolutely right, diversity can in fact be a strength. Diversity of some things can also be a weakness. The real question is, diversity of what? The correct amount of diversity of thought for example, can help us find solutions to problems that need solutions.

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You're a fucking idiot. Diversity is NEVER a strength when it comes to nations; only homogeneity is. Source: ALL OF FUCKING HUMAN HISTORY.

Fuck back off to Israel, who worthless ShariaBlue shill. You might have tricked other Voaters, but you sure as shit haven't tricked me....

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I wouldn't evil say it's pens vs pencils. it's like saying it's bad if there's only green pens, but it's great if there's only orange pens.

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Devils advocacy group here.. if diversity is a weakness

  1. How has america become the worlds number one super power with some pretty obvious diversity... I will admit this has been white male lead diversity that has slowly gotten more and more diverse but america compared to lets say any western european country was doing much much better?

  2. So we have a jew problem? Our small diversity how the fuck have we done so good with these parasites in so many positions of power?

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Diversity is a weakness because America is a melting pot. The strongest alloys are produced with exact and measured compositions of metals. The diversity the left pushes is just throwing everything metal together and melting it into an ingot of pig iron, Mao style.

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Peak US relative strength was just after WW2 its been a decline since then. Its been a strong decline since the 90s especially given China

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American only became "diverse" over the past like 60 years. Before that it was 85% white

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Upvote for Devil's Advocacy.

I think ShitPostMcGee has the first point covered reasonably well, so on the second I would say that it's largely manufactured prosperity based on a generally successful economic system (capitalism) infiltrated by Jews for Jews and their goyim "pals" for the last 100 years. Arguably longer, for millenia Jews have corrupted whatever they touched that belonged to someone else.

Simply looking into the Federal Reserve puts it into perspective. Imagine America as a house owned by the FedRes, and they decide to foreclose due to the tenants finding out how corrupt they are. We just need to look to Venezuela to see the probable outcome there. Not to mention the Samson Option nukes just in case America and Europe stay white enough to rebuild.

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According to the MSM..

Maybe they are wrong, again.

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You would have more credibility if you cited a snopes link.