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The cops know who that nigger is. Hes been out of prison for less than a week

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I bet you are correct. He is even still wearing a hospital patient wrist ID band, probably from his last encounter with the cops earlier that day. Jail is RACIST!

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in Arizona that would be a dead negro

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'Asked if he had comment as he was led from the police station after his arrest Monday, Hayes only said, "I didn't take my medication" and mumbled what sounded like "sorry" when asked if he wanted to say anything to the victims.'

He was off his meds and already apologized. Just another day in NYC.


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He put two old people at one store in the HOSPITAL ! :

About an hour later, he barged into Reno Fashion in Greenwich Village and attacked two employees, a 66-year-old man and an 88-year-old woman. Police say after the suspect punched, kicked and hit the workers on their heads with glass jars before trying to swipe cash from the register and running off.

The two workers were taken to an area hospital, where they are in stable condition, according to officials.

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Yeah, this guy really sucks, I forgot to put my sarcastic tag: /s

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In NYC? You're not allowed to protect yourself there.

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Dude was unarmed. AGAIN, learn to fight cucks! Don't let some orc beat the shit out of you and steal your property. The fact you post pro SJW and "fuck white!" messages on twitter isn't going to save your ass!

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It's NYC, if you picked up a knife in self defense the cops would arrest you.

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I meant the criminal was unarmed. Learn to fight and deal with scum like this instead of running. The perp is like 60 years old and the cuck in the wine shop is 45 and ran like a little bitch.