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Its called the no-fault divorce. Believe it or not our system used to promote families staying together and working it out. You had to have proof of infidelity or physical abuse or something in order to get divorced. It was only after intense lobbying by (((Lawyers))) who would stand to profit immensely from the Divorce settlements that the no-fault divorce law would provide. Make no mistake many marriages have been entered into lightly and without thought other than lust this is because there is no rules on getting married. Clearly to fix the divorce problem we need to fix the marriage problem. Meaning we should not allow anyone to get married for any reason there should be a waiting period of minimum 6 month to 1 year on marriage licenses and possibly look into more than just a blood test. Which i'm not even sure they do anymore. Society has declined due to moral decay and thus will continue to slide into ruin much the way Rome went.


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You had my upvote for like half your post, but I upvoted anyways because it felt like a douche thing to downvoat for disagreeing in some parts. Up until your fix action I was in agreement, then I was against you because other people's marriage is none of our damn business, and offering governmental regulations on private religious matters is bull shit. Anywho, you are spot on about the courts not only offering the easy out and making it profitable for attorney's at the man's expense. I would like to add that marriage is a private religious matter, and it is a big fucking mistake for the government to become involved in religious matters. Separation of church and state and all that. Communists and Marxists absolutely love destroying religious practices. The 1960's just happens to be when the KGB really started infiltrating the USA and pushing the subvert America campaigns.


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And Ronald Reagan was the guy who passed the first no-fault divorce law in the country.