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males are impassioned about it (sometimes).

Lots of guys have are obsessive about problem solving. They start a program, or some physics problem, or something of that nature and literally cannot forget about it until they solve it. I have this quirk and I have seen in in a lot of other guys who are in STE-. I leave off the "M" because medicine is not really the same sort of endeavor.

People in medicine have to be "people persons" to one degree or another. I've seen numerous people who were extremely talented technically or analytically in bio or chem who did not get into medical school because they did not have "good" personalities for dealing with people.

Of course they were all white, but that's another issue.


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M is math (as stated), but also things like bio, they aren't problem solving like is done in other sciences, they think something might be true, or work, and then test it; this is way different than solving the problem before testing it (in engineering you don't test 20 bridges and keep the best one).


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The M in STEM means math.


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Oops. My bad.