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Meanwhile, look how many women love working in the medical field. You never see any campaigns trying to get more female PAs, doctors, surgeons, etc because they love it and excel at it. I recently attended a PA whitecoat ceremony where of the 36 students present, only 5 were Male. These are super high-paying, prestigious, difficult jobs. Smart women gravitate towards that a lot more than they gravitate to software engineering. Just the way it is


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Don't get me started on that bullshit. That too has been pushed and engineered, and it is already backfiring. Even with loans from private sectors, the majority (90%+, its been a little while since I kept up with it) of the cost of medical school is born by the state through grants, college funding, etc. So if a doctor leaves the medical field, the state has lost a lot of money and wasted opportunity that could have been given to someone who stays in.

Knowing that, they still let in women to the profession, despite many of them leaving the job after having a kid. Personally, of the female doctors I know as friends, two of three have left the field to be housewives, and the third may noin them. Biology is a bitch.


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We sometimes forget that medicine and pharmacology were in many societies a primarily female occupation. The conflict between being a mother and healer is a new one created by modern society.