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You go girls!

Put down the selfie sticks and get to work sweeties, we need some hypersonic weapons, new missile defenses, minireactor powered missiles, and a general upgrade to our military stat honey dolls! Because while we were chasing off the white men and worrying about getting you into STEM instead, the Russians got the jump on us.

Time for Manhattan Project Part II, ladies.

So take care of it girls. Put in those 80 hour weeks and devote your lives to engineering and science like those oppressive and privileged white males did. We know you're up to it.

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Females are very rare at IQ 130 and above. This is an established well known fact.

Few high IQ females to go around.

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We know you're up to it.

It would be whitesplianation to assume otherwise.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaand comments disabled.

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What they don't realize is people understand why youtubers disable comments and the rating. It's because they're hiding something, like the copious amounts of negative votes and comments.

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Yeah. Imo it makes them look worse. Like when vice.com removed their comments section and cried about archiving. It's because their content became garbagio.

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Haven't disabled the like/dislike counter yet. Pretty bad.

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They have now. Censorship and the left is a real problem.

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is there an archive of it?

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Not sure. Highly unlikely though.

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They've been pushing this "Girls in IT" BS for 30 years. It doesn't work. More males like tech.

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males are impassioned about it (sometimes). Women don't give a shit about stem, and so, although they can force themselves to learn it, and work in it, they typically hate it. There are some sciences that they like, and they are pampered to shit, so they like it more, but you will rarely (never) find a female EE who likes her job.

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males are impassioned about it (sometimes).

Lots of guys have are obsessive about problem solving. They start a program, or some physics problem, or something of that nature and literally cannot forget about it until they solve it. I have this quirk and I have seen in in a lot of other guys who are in STE-. I leave off the "M" because medicine is not really the same sort of endeavor.

People in medicine have to be "people persons" to one degree or another. I've seen numerous people who were extremely talented technically or analytically in bio or chem who did not get into medical school because they did not have "good" personalities for dealing with people.

Of course they were all white, but that's another issue.

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Meanwhile, look how many women love working in the medical field. You never see any campaigns trying to get more female PAs, doctors, surgeons, etc because they love it and excel at it. I recently attended a PA whitecoat ceremony where of the 36 students present, only 5 were Male. These are super high-paying, prestigious, difficult jobs. Smart women gravitate towards that a lot more than they gravitate to software engineering. Just the way it is

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Don't get me started on that bullshit. That too has been pushed and engineered, and it is already backfiring. Even with loans from private sectors, the majority (90%+, its been a little while since I kept up with it) of the cost of medical school is born by the state through grants, college funding, etc. So if a doctor leaves the medical field, the state has lost a lot of money and wasted opportunity that could have been given to someone who stays in.

Knowing that, they still let in women to the profession, despite many of them leaving the job after having a kid. Personally, of the female doctors I know as friends, two of three have left the field to be housewives, and the third may noin them. Biology is a bitch.

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As societies get more equal the gender difference in careers gets greater, not smaller. Leftists tend to ignore this.

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Everyone is a hunter gatherer when we're starving to death. Let's live like cave people to achieve true equality. Progress!

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When someone brings up a lack of diversity in IT I point out that not one programming class I ever attended had a single girl in it. Not one girl. So you should expect there not to be any girls in programming, but there are many. This is such fucking bullshit it's like they're going to tell you that you can't just "take whatever courses you want".

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Can you imagine if they pushed videos encouraging women to be lovely house wives? A man can dream...

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They did!! In National Socialist Germany anyway.

They even gave them awards for each child they had. This resulted in ...................WOMEN BEING HAPPY!!!!! That's why they fought until the end for their fuhrer.

They gave women exactly what their innate nature wants.....validation, praise and pedestalization for doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do.

They weren't pressured into achieving high flying (((careers))) that give them nothing back, resulting in them sinking into depression, which in turn leads them to blaming men for all their unhappiness.

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This shit makes me so mad that I couldn't live in an era to see something like this. Fuck man...

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I worked in IT for a decade. I did change control. Which is basically data and file management. Or, housekeeping, if you will. I liked it a lot but I hated everything else about working there. The time pressures, the long hours, the clueless upper management...Unlike most of the men who worked there, I felt no passion for my job.

I got married, quit working, and had a kid. Happiest I've ever been. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner so I could've had a bigger family and been able to live long enough to see many grandchildren.

Anecdotes aren't facts but you couldn't pay me enough to go back to IT.

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I'm guessing you're female?

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And comments are disabled.


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No Asian girls. Racist video.

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They're probably all reading books instead of listening to the black lady who can't speak properly.

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Can we make an "inspirational" video like that but for #SheCanDoPlumbing or #SheCanDigDitches ?

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Nope. I'm in a skilled trade union. I have worked with 3 females. Two apprentices, one journeywoman. Both apprentices quit. The journeywoman is ok, but always stressed out. No kids. My job is stressfull 24/7. If I fuck up, everyone knows. I have been in the medical field...as a STNA. Women are not the most compassionate sex. They bitch about paitents CONSTANTLY. My favorite is, 'She's being needy.' YOU FUCKING CUNT, OF. COURSE SHE IS. SHE JUST HAD A DOUBLE KNEE REPLACMENT AND CAN'T WALK.

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Hahaha, so fucking true. When I had a knee operation and was lying in bed that night with some serious leg pain that stoped me from getting any sleep and I called a nurse she just rolled her eyes at me and and said "it will soon be morning" and left.

O- okay... it's not like I paid a few thousand for this operation. Just ignore my suffering, I guess painkillers are too much of a bother.

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No, because #NoDirtyJobsForTheLadies and #OoohGrossAndSweaty

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(((comments disabled)))

remember, jews do not value free speech. in fact, none of the desert cultures do. in fact, pretty much only white men do.

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Free speech is a white ideal, an idea they conceptualized alone.

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jews are desert savages

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