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I saw a film on TV once (not in Sweden) about these Swedish "Anti-Fascists". The reporter interviewed like two or three masked youngsters who bragged about going to people's houses and demolishing then, because those people were "Nazis". There was also a night video of a home being vandalized and some kind of slogans written all over the room walls.

I remember being shocked how anything like that can be tolerated, and why police can't find a bunch of "Antifa" fagots if any lame reporter can do that.

Meeting violence with violence and intimidation with intimidation is the only effective strategy in a disfunctional state which is either incapable or unwilling to help the victims.

And that is exactly how the real Nazis came to be in Germany in thirties - as a response to the Communist violence no one was able to contain.


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Yes, that's why SS was formed to begin with when NSDAP's members kept getting ambushed and sometimes killed by (((communists))), always outnumbered of course. The acronym even stands for Schutzstaffel / Protection Squadron.