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Care for a third helping?

Nah, I'll pass. (out)

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Someone disrespects a Swedish flag they get their ass kicked.

Someone disrespects a US flag they get praised.

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The Swedish politicians disrespect the swedish flag all the time when they fill the country with third world savages. The fact that you can disrespect the american flag is simply an artifact of the first amendment.

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He got what he desserted.

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Sauce on the background music?

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uhhh... blank comment?

edit: nvm, for some reason my browser is hiding the embed. visible via source

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Great fucking song. I don't understand German, but it rocks.

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I grew up fighting in the inner city on the hard streets of unnamed city and time. Had some shit roll that would turn the hair back. Wonder how many goats would have the stamina to roll with some hot iron knuckles set to curb time and a setting sun?

UFC is where the tough boys go, but keep in mind the UFC has rules, fences, and an umpire- the streets have none. Put a UFC boy on a random rough street and the random would fuck him. Been there-done that.

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Idiot. Any ufc level fighter would hand you your ass.

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Swedish hardcore nationalists demonstrating, antifa and normal-soys are super brave behind the riot police who always turn their batons on the nationalists. (Even if they are only defending themselves)

Soyboy steals a flag from one of their female members (can briefly be seen at the start of the clip)

SS-light goes "M'lady!"

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Thanks, I did not see that at first.

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"Joe_McCarthyIsJewish", lol.

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