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In our current school system, kids get punished for defending themselves. To us sane people, this video shows the natural and proper reaction. The insane want to spin this into some tale or privilege and would expel the girl for fighting back.

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after this national exposure to this video, its almost guarenteed the white girl who was just trying to defend herself was also suspended from school....0 tolerance is some bullshit

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It's on the news because she's an attractive white girl. If she were another nigger no one would give a shit.

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Yup. Has a teenage girl with her ass hanging out beating a black sheboon bully. Of course it's going to generate clicks.

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It's the first non-anti white video that made the news in a long time. Like here we see black aggressors and everyone supporting the cheerleader in punching her and fighting back.

Though no one is relating it to skin color openly, I'm sure it'll be in the back of their heads how the good girl was white and the bad girl was black.

So I say give it more media attention.

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It's instructional. A good example for kids to follow.