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In our current school system, kids get punished for defending themselves. To us sane people, this video shows the natural and proper reaction. The insane want to spin this into some tale or privilege and would expel the girl for fighting back.

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after this national exposure to this video, its almost guarenteed the white girl who was just trying to defend herself was also suspended from school....0 tolerance is some bullshit

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It's on the news because she's an attractive white girl. If she were another nigger no one would give a shit.

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Yup. Has a teenage girl with her ass hanging out beating a black sheboon bully. Of course it's going to generate clicks.

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It's the first non-anti white video that made the news in a long time. Like here we see black aggressors and everyone supporting the cheerleader in punching her and fighting back.

Though no one is relating it to skin color openly, I'm sure it'll be in the back of their heads how the good girl was white and the bad girl was black.

So I say give it more media attention.

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It's instructional. A good example for kids to follow.

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Attacker, not bully. Black Bully clearly hit the white girl in the FACE, and hit her first, in various version of the video from other angles.

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I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I wish more people would stand up to nlgger bullies.

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Maybe this video will show them that they can

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Those two white girls chose to hang around a bunch of niggers; she got what she was asking for.

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I mentioned it in another thread, but I think the cheerleader may be a coalburner.

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lol, this vid has made the front page 3 days in a row from 3 different sources

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Yeah its awesome. I saw it then noticed it made it to the news today. So thought some might want to see that.

For this one, people probably want to see if the news was able to dig up more about what happened. I think for some it may show a mild shift in news policy maybe and more validating certain peoples standing up for themselves and showing another peoples as an apparent perpetrator. Which of course they often don't show.


Looks like the linked Sun article in this article also has the sisters name.

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More of what happened? There is no more. Sheboon runs mouth, sheboon slaps whitey cheerleader and proceeds to get her ass handed to her. End of story except whitey was clearly racist for beating her ass, not to mention the discrimination against the sheboon for not giving her fight affirmative action and not letting her win.

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If you can't back up violence with that fat ass, expect a beat down.

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I want to give that awesome White girl some money for her legal defence against Al Sharpton.

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See the link mentioned above, the cheerleader ended up getting the worst of it after the clip we saw. Actual fake news at play.

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Well, I'd still like to send her money for trying.

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Did that cow get arrested? How much proof of assault do you need, officers?

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you're not tough you're just fat

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