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He´s kind of right. I was thinking about that. Why would I self Identify as a Goyim? It's like calling myself idiot, nigger, sand nigger, beaner or white-trash. I know many of us feel the hate towards that group. But there is danger in generalization. Selection of the best traits should be unhinged, seamless and for lack of a better word "natural". Not all Negroes are act like niggers and not all Caucasian act like white-trash.The best should rise, although there is evidence that natural selection does favor the lazy (I guess that same as water, the path of least resistance for organisms is being lazy).

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Jewish supremacy within its own niche and as long as it stays out of the West, does not bother it, and does not need money from it is fine with me to be honest. Its when it is in the West that it is a problem. Otherwise, they can believe in themselves as being superior and see where that gets them.