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Who cares. Kneel bitches.

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Yeah if you wanna ignore your loyal fans and slowly destroy your business, let those niggers kneel 24/7. You'll definitely end up with a lot of brownie points from the social justice warrior faggots who never watched football in the first place.

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It's too late.

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Instead of NFL, spend the time getting your house in order. The house of cards will bring severe unpleasantness.

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My acient old neighbor keeps trying to talk football with me. I'm trying not to be an assnto him by telling him I don't worship giant negros so I just ignore him.

Weird thing is his truck is covered in anti Hillary bumper stickers.

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Maybe, but a lot of the people who stopped watching wouldn't start watching again. It would take a lot to bring back consumer confidence in the brand. Football used to be an all-American sport (hell, it's literally only played in America; Canadian/Australian rules football is a different form of Rugby). Now they're actually attacking America.

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I'm sick of seeing these losers now. I catch a glimpse of some of the more visible ones - like Odell Beckham Jr. with his blonde fucking hair prancing and preening and pouting and acting self important - when I flip through the channels, and I'm just sick of them.

I don't think I can watch NFL football anymore. The players just disgust me too much. Fuck them. They've turned the sport into a look-at-me spectacle where it's all about them and their antics and displays and celebrations and dances. I don't actually care that the players are mostly black. It's the way they act that offends me.

College ball is still OK. The rules prohibit all the celebration and bullshit, and the players (usually) get suspended if they don't follow strict team rules.

Basically the culture of the college game is still fairly "white."

It will be contaminated too eventually, of course.

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They're fucking niggers who throw a ball back and forth on a field of grass. If watching that shit is the best way you can spend your free time as a grown man than you are one sorry son of a bitch. Paying attention to the players when the games aren't even on is even more pathetic.

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Pull the tax exemption just bury the NFL entertainment industry.

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The NFL gave up their tax exempt status three years ago. Even when they had it the teams weren't exempt, just the league office.

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How about state subsidies which are tax exempt and league office should not be exempt. They should be taxed at a special local taxes plus 25% excise and special taxes at the gate, and all merchandise that the players earn and don't forget the amount of money each player, officials, make in each state for each game.

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Women ,. like NFL Players kneel when giving blowjobs . (Colin Kapernack date Mia Isabella??: YES)