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Is she Indian? The narrator makes me think my former Latina claim is incorrect. If she is, wow, that is the hottest Indian I have ever seen.


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Northern Indian. The difference between Northern (Aryan) and Southern (Dravidian) Indian are night and day (no pun intended). Northern Indians are the ones you would typically associate with Bollywood. Southern Indians are the ones we talk about when we're talking about street shitting pajeets. We don't see Northern Indians here in the states as often because they only ship their garbage to the USA with fraudulent "degrees" taking advantage of our loose visa laws (H-1B) ... Similar to the Mexicans getting rid of their garbage by throwing it over our fence while the successful ones stay.


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Yeah, they are actually genetically considered Caucasoid's while the other Asians are composed of Mongoloid's,North Africans are Negroids e.t.c.

Comment I made months ago too

If you look at albino niggers and albino Punjabi's, you can see how the Punjabi is much closer related to us than the niggers. Who look much more like apes....


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Most h1b applications - the Andhra fellas are 90% of them.