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I remember when finding weird shit like this was the entire point of YouTube. Now its nearly impossible because you're constantly steered towards repetitive crap by the fucking algorithms.

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How hard is it to not suggest videos I watched completely 3 months ago?

[–] OhrReally 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

They aren't showing you repeat videos by accident.

There are several reasons Youtube shows you videos you have watched previously. One reason is for them to help bin you into categories of people who watch Videos comprehensively, people who turn on Videos in the back ground while they do other things, and people who have memory retention issues due to medications or drinking.

This is one of the methods they use to build a psychological profile of you for better advertising and socio-political manipulation of you later.

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That's why I prefer the real world for my "awkward arousal" moments. The other day I passed by a lady who sneezed in the supermarket, it sounded like she had an orgasm and I was just standing there feeling awkwardly aroused.

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That's me. I'm a loud sneezer, and the more quiet I try to be, the dirtier it ends up sounding. I may be causing my husband to think he's a confused freak for being so turned on when I sneeze.

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She needs to do this while using her shake-weight

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One of the first things I thought while watching the video.

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A wild Hindu appears!

It uses the Punjabi Tongue Jab.

It's Super Effective.

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Is she Indian? The narrator makes me think my former Latina claim is incorrect. If she is, wow, that is the hottest Indian I have ever seen.

[–] Drain0 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Northern Indian. The difference between Northern (Aryan) and Southern (Dravidian) Indian are night and day (no pun intended). Northern Indians are the ones you would typically associate with Bollywood. Southern Indians are the ones we talk about when we're talking about street shitting pajeets. We don't see Northern Indians here in the states as often because they only ship their garbage to the USA with fraudulent "degrees" taking advantage of our loose visa laws (H-1B) ... Similar to the Mexicans getting rid of their garbage by throwing it over our fence while the successful ones stay.

[–] DishingShitLikeA [S] 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

No lie. That's a hot Latina.

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I think she might be Hindi. They don't have average women. Lots of dogs and a handful of beauty queens. I've never met an average looking Hindi woman.

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See my previous reply to Drain0

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That smile she gives at the end. She knows what she did.

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Oh dude 3 seconds and I was on the floor!! HILARIOUS!!

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I'll be in my bu-... too late.

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😂😂😂! This shit is internet gold. No idea how it was made with a straight face!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=cBMtWn6FXG0 :

Face Gym | Nasolabial Lines | Asha Bachanni | Times Living - YouTube

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