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Don't forget ballerinas and ballerinos(?)- my father told me a story from his high school days about a male student who was in the ballet dance club.

He got ruthlessly bullied by a particular group of kids. They called him gay and all of that- meanwhile, the dancer is literally banging one of the hottest girls in the school who he dances with. The male dancer was short and not particularly well-built, and his main bully was a big lughead type.

One day in the hallway, the bully approached the little dancer guy and spit on him. The dancer had enough, and he fucking pirouetted (the move where they stand on a toe, lift their other leg wayyy up with the toe pointed at the sky) to deliver a goddamned Mortal Kombat spin kick. He caught the bully right on the jaw, shut his lights out instantly and broke his jaw.

The next week, the bully returned to school. His jaw was wired shut, and the male dancer was still fucking the hottest chick in school, and probably a few more on top of that.


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Yeah, ballet dancers develop coordination, strength and muscles like no other athlete. If you ever see a professional up close, they have muscles that you have never seen outside an anatomy textbook. I always said that if you found one who boxed, wrestled and did some form of striking art, they'd clean house in the UFC.


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Patrick Swayze's mother ran a dance studio and supposedly, after getting picked on by this guy for being a dancer, Swayze went all Dalton on him and seriously beat his ass