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This video highlights and important concept: BLACK WOMEN ARE DEVASTATINGLY JEALOUS OF WHITE WOMEN. The simple fact that White women are the most desirable women on earth (maybe neck-and-neck with Asian women) is enough to drive non-Whites insane.

But here we see the dichotomy of "Pretty, hard-working White girl who is probably popular and gets tons of male attention, is challenged by dumpy, disgusting, fucked up attitude-having ugly bitch". That White cheerleader lives rent-free in the heads of the entire sheboon population of her school.

I hope the nice young girl doesn't get stabbed in retaliation for the ass-whooping she delivered. We all know niggers can't just let shit be. A human being loses a fight, and fucking drops it. An animal loses a fight, and they come back with friends or weapons.


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Asian women? I hate the way they smell. Also, they have weird butts and no hips.