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Oops! This video was removed for violating our TOS.


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Why would anyone want to live in a country with only white people...

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I would want to live in a country with only white people. But, you'd have to be sure to throw the white trash in the oven with the Jews and niggers.

Native Americans can stay. But they'd be classified as a kind of protected species, like a noble buffalo roaming the plains. You wouldn't want to remove something like that. It's a beautiful wild beast. Just make sure it stays in the national park.

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Thank you Sir.

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Heres hoping we see more of this

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If this was nigger girl defending herself against an "evil racist white supremacist" and won, you can bet your ass it wouldn't have violated any TOS.

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Buffy the Negro Slayer. LOL!

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Gotta love it!

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privilege helped the white girl, not fair

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You're not wrong, in this case, lmao. Racial superiority privilege. As we all know: on an even playing field, nogs lose hard. Every time.

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White girl wasn't especially bulky either.

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And she didn't get the first strike in. That fat whore sheboon should've been able to knock the nice girl out with a sucker punch, but all that hitting the White girl did was give her a legal reason to whip that ass.

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You need to be careful when you are beating up blacks who attack you. Fully 1/4 of black women in the US have herpes. Wear gloves or use a bat.

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Fucking niggerfaggot. It's not 1/4th you dumb shit fuckstick. It's 1/2. Source? What's that Jew, you want a source? Fine. CDC. Go spread (((your))) lies somewhere else.

Eat shit and die motherfucker.

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If your body fat percentage is over 40% you probably shouldn't try to get in a fight with someone who works out every day.

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As if niggers would think about that.

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As if niggers would think*

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↑the real truth of the matter, right there. Fats can't fight worth shit. I'll avoid fighting one at all costs, though. Don't wanna have to touch it.

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Thats not the troubling part, niggers now just run to white people and find excuses to fight, the nigger was jealous of the blonde looks

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the nigger was jealous of the blonde looks

It seems like that, and it is possible. But there are many different possibilities ranging from secret antagonization by the cheerleader (when it's not being recorded) to black bitch's "friends" insisting on it for their own amusement. Camera don't lie, but they don't tell the whole truth either.

niggers now...

And your eagerness to generalize this into a trend is disturbing. Leave your biases behind.

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37 minutes after OP video is removed for "TOS"

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if the white was getting her ass by that beast it wouldn't have violated shiiiit

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The nogs in the peanut gallery also wouldn't have been calling to 'break it up'.

White people need to start 'bystanding' the same way blacks do.

That fight should have ended when the Varsity ass kicker decided so and not before.

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You da real MVP!

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People always forget that most cheerleaders are in pretty good shape. Jumping up and down for hours at a time is good excercise.

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Don't forget ballerinas and ballerinos(?)- my father told me a story from his high school days about a male student who was in the ballet dance club.

He got ruthlessly bullied by a particular group of kids. They called him gay and all of that- meanwhile, the dancer is literally banging one of the hottest girls in the school who he dances with. The male dancer was short and not particularly well-built, and his main bully was a big lughead type.

One day in the hallway, the bully approached the little dancer guy and spit on him. The dancer had enough, and he fucking pirouetted (the move where they stand on a toe, lift their other leg wayyy up with the toe pointed at the sky) to deliver a goddamned Mortal Kombat spin kick. He caught the bully right on the jaw, shut his lights out instantly and broke his jaw.

The next week, the bully returned to school. His jaw was wired shut, and the male dancer was still fucking the hottest chick in school, and probably a few more on top of that.

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Yeah, ballet dancers develop coordination, strength and muscles like no other athlete. If you ever see a professional up close, they have muscles that you have never seen outside an anatomy textbook. I always said that if you found one who boxed, wrestled and did some form of striking art, they'd clean house in the UFC.

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Patrick Swayze's mother ran a dance studio and supposedly, after getting picked on by this guy for being a dancer, Swayze went all Dalton on him and seriously beat his ass

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Those two jerkoffs at the end were depressing. But man, she kicked that bitch's ass. Karma is a bitch.

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They are black/brown, what were you expecting?

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You mean shit-colored?

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I love wattchin rumbles da fun as fuck specially bitch ones, hey BOP! BOP1 BOP! bwahahahaa

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Future rocket scientist.

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This video highlights and important concept: BLACK WOMEN ARE DEVASTATINGLY JEALOUS OF WHITE WOMEN. The simple fact that White women are the most desirable women on earth (maybe neck-and-neck with Asian women) is enough to drive non-Whites insane.

But here we see the dichotomy of "Pretty, hard-working White girl who is probably popular and gets tons of male attention, is challenged by dumpy, disgusting, fucked up attitude-having ugly bitch". That White cheerleader lives rent-free in the heads of the entire sheboon population of her school.

I hope the nice young girl doesn't get stabbed in retaliation for the ass-whooping she delivered. We all know niggers can't just let shit be. A human being loses a fight, and fucking drops it. An animal loses a fight, and they come back with friends or weapons.

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Asian women? I hate the way they smell. Also, they have weird butts and no hips.

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