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This is the spot where Kenji Saito was standing. (Copy and past in address bar for the view from that spot, since link breaks here.)

Footage: Capture of tsunami attacking Ofunato city, Iwate prefecture. Kenji Saito of Saito Seika Inc. video recorded the footage from near Ofunato nursery school of Ofunato  town. A warning announcement noisily echoes throughout, while at a distance, the tide level of Ofunato harbor along the coast gradually becomes higher. Having silently climbed over the quay wall, the waves increase intensity and before long, push and wash away the cars parked near the quay.

Once the water flowed onto the main street (prefectural road #230) out front, it turned into a rapid current in a flash, raging to the shops along the road and eventually washing away vending machines and houses. Facing the tragic scene before his own very eyes, Mr. Saito can't help but to weep and screams, "Stop!" repeatedly in anguish. The waves seemingly ignore the cries and tears of those people in agony, relentlessly attacking buildings and houses, washing them away one by one or destroying them. Near and far, clouds of dust soar. "Settle down!", a scream-like prayer remains unanswered. The townscape that was in front of their eyes moments ago is now almost entirely covered with water.

Facing what could be referred to as a drawing of hell in before their eyes, the people voice their feelings of disbelief. One mentions that "the tsunami is higher than that from the Chile earthquake." The flow of the waves that covered the entire town has now come to a halt and is transforming into a backwash. It slowly picks up speed, taking away great amounts of debris and wreckage to the open sea.

Saito Seika Inc. is a confectionary manufacturer known nationwide for its popular confection, "Kamome no Tamago (Egg of Seagull)." Kenji Saito is the managing director for the company, who video recorded this footage where one can clearly witness Sato Seika shops and factories being attacked by waves. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Saito, who donated this video for the benefit of the public.