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As long as it's content neutral certain censorship is necessary evil. You wouldn't want kids watching porn or people posting child porn. Generally, less censorship is better and I support zero censorship, but realistically some (minimal) degree is necessary. The major issue with Twitter Facebook, reddit, etc is that they censor based on viewpoint, despite pretending they don't, which is clearly demonstrated by all the white hate and the immediate banning of anyone even discussing other races Ina a negative light. Hopefully the new sites apply the TOS neutrally, which is still kind of subjective, but realistically we need lawmakers and/or the FCC to regulate social media as public spaces and/or common carriers (though this is a bit more complex an issue). If the TOS says no political speech then they can ban people, but no selective enforcement. Realistically, Twitter isn't going anywhere anytime soon and this is the exact type of situation where government regulation is the only way to reign in out of control corporations.

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Well the SCOTUS of the last 100+ years disagrees with you that "content neutral" restrictions aren't manageable in regards to the first amendment when the state is attempting to apply restrictions. You clearly don't know much the issue if you can't even recognize that "content neutral" standard have been one of the major rules in regards to government restrictions (censorship) on speech in dozens of SCOTUS ruling. Before throwing out poor examples you might want to try reading a few first amendment cases the SCOTUS has ruled on in recent history because if you don't understand that you're certainly not going to understand the nuances of private censorship. You might think "content neutral" restrictions are a myth, but Supreme Ct justices from the most liberal to most conservative have found the standard workable, so I think I'll trust their expertise over yours.