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Good for him. At least there will be one celebrity on Gab.

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Agreed. Jews use the 75 / 25 rule.

75 percent truth used to slide the other 25 of lies.

Gab is owned

Periscope is a hive

Minds is owned by (((people)))

Bitchute I am still out on but given time it will go the way of Y0utub3.

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I've only seen gab remove users for doxing and threatening other users with violence.

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As long as it's content neutral certain censorship is necessary evil. You wouldn't want kids watching porn or people posting child porn. Generally, less censorship is better and I support zero censorship, but realistically some (minimal) degree is necessary. The major issue with Twitter Facebook, reddit, etc is that they censor based on viewpoint, despite pretending they don't, which is clearly demonstrated by all the white hate and the immediate banning of anyone even discussing other races Ina a negative light. Hopefully the new sites apply the TOS neutrally, which is still kind of subjective, but realistically we need lawmakers and/or the FCC to regulate social media as public spaces and/or common carriers (though this is a bit more complex an issue). If the TOS says no political speech then they can ban people, but no selective enforcement. Realistically, Twitter isn't going anywhere anytime soon and this is the exact type of situation where government regulation is the only way to reign in out of control corporations.

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Not as famous as Jones, but Sam Hyde is on Gab. His user name is @hillaryclinton

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Platforms that censor speech:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Pateron
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Twitch
  • Spotify
  • Apple + apple podcast
  • pin interest
  • LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp
  • Wordpress
  • masterdon
  • azure cloud servers (microsoft)
  • Mastercard

Platforms that DONT censor speech

  • MeWe (FB replacement)
  • Minds.com (FB replacement)
  • Gabai (Twitter replacement)
  • Diaspora (Twitter replacement)
  • Bitchute (Youtube replacement)
  • Protonmail (Gmail replacement)
  • Librepay (Donation replacement)
  • Wire (skype replacement)
  • peertube (DIY self host youtube stream style server)

Also look into:- * Duckduckgo instead of google.com search engine * OpenStreetmap instead of Google maps

Regards Charliebrownau

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Again.... agreed. . . Mr. Dicks

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I'll take zero, please.

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Not protonmail, but tatanota

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Thanks Ill look into it

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What's wrong with protonmail?

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Yes that... and Thunderbird local email client and Enigmail Thunderbird PGP add on.

tutanota VFemail

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https://www.searx.me/ - they are a search engine who claim to respect user privacy.

https://tineye.com/ - an image searching engine. Also claim to keep no logs of what users search for.

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mastodon.social Twitter alt.

Status net .onion Twitter alt

Aether Reddit alt.

Bitmessage email alt

If it's not decentralized/distributed, or you don't host your own .onion .i2p or freenet it may end up getting censored.


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Good. I've been having trouble finding his latest shows. Now I will get them on Bitchute, is they are there.

Update: I didn't find Alex on BitChute, but I did find some of his stuff on BitTube.

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is they are there.

Do you even fucking English, motherfucker?

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You really missed out

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Gab is owned by a filthy fucking cockroach Jew. He's already banned a number of accounts, including the Daily Stormer. Never, ever trust a fucking, filthyJew, you assholes! They've been kicked out of 109 countries for a fucking reason......

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Not even when they call me a good goyim and give me shekels?

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Gab and bitchute viewership just went up by a million.

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Sweet. Fight the man Alex!

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He's been doing this before your ass fell out of a vagina.

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Go back to reddit faggot.

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donate to bitchute!

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Minds censors posts.

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