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OMG! Biggest Jewish Male Hooked Nose... turkish muslim.

Islamic Turkish man. You use that Jew word...I'm not sure you understand it.

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Still - what a beak!

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I bet it can cracks nuts

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Jews lived in turkey, muslims took over cuture killing non muslims, some turkish are neear 100% jewish genes. The jews adn the US Supreme court in 1970s declared jewsihness a RACE not an idiology.

THEREFOR HE IS INDEED in possession of a jew nose!

Are you jewish? you seem overly defensive.

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Now that's a happy merchant.

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Not as Horrific as a FEMALE giant hook nose on a actual practicing Jewess though! :


and :

http://www.politicalforum.com/index.php?threads/jewish-journalist-says-her-jewish-face-makes-her-feel-ugly.520028/ ... spotted on the treasured elite little voat sub of :


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