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You're right it's not normal to just work 8 hours a day. It's normal to work sunup until sundown and then some. And if you didn't work hard and smart enough you fucking died. That was normal for 1000's of years. Before that, it was normal to run for days at a time until your food dropped dead from exhaustion. It was normal to walk and gather food from first light until you couldn't see anymore. If you didn't you died, your babies died and nobody gave a fuck.

Surviving by working a factory only 40 hours a week is the easiest we have ever had survival.

Maybe if you hadn't fucked your brain up with weed you could see that.

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Let me smoke myself retarded so I can understand what you are trying to say lol.

you'll understand why drugs are a better friend than you are trained to be


Are you trying to say you are incapable of having friendships without drugs. Or are you saying you can only be friends with inanimate objects that happen to be drugs. Not that I really care but, it's as funny as watching a flakka freak trying to pick something up off the ground.

Life is way to good to live it in a daze. I'm sorry you are too fucked up to realize that.