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something wrong with disliking the masonic-degree system of educational programming? graduate and wear the black square of saturn on your head?

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The system that built civilization is nothing to you but a bunch of quasi-occult grabass?

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I like that it got us where we're at, but in general it's a centralized control over isolated decentralized elements. as well it serves to brute force individuals into an economic competition despite the fact that they might not be ideal for the position because of a variety of factors.

for instance, such development of the medical field has created a bunch of disinterested doctors who shill medications, or cancer "curing" startups that only treat symptoms and are explicitly told not make cures. or worse! incentivization of the creation of disease / issues with things like fluoride in the water, bad food, unnecessary injections / vaccines, etc.

I'm critical of the abuse of the systems that have been installed, now you have lobbying parties resisting actual research (as in the case with the electric universe research, psi research, tesla electrical technology, etc). I hope that in the very near future, there will be decentralized markets for research, work, teaching, etc. It's already forming now with the basics of the internet being distilled out over these past 20+ years. Lots of online certifications, learn and coding language online with some proficiency within a year, the basics of any skill. Those aren't degree-related, they're work-input related, and further down the line we could reimplement some form of decentralized "verification" of skill, akin to a degree.