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Elon is interesting character. If his Tesla cars are wildly successful and end dependence on foreign oil, the Dollar (petrodollar) is over. Maybe that is why Obama supported him so much?

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end dependence on foreign oil,

Try a little basic thermodynamics.

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We don’t have dependence on foreign oil anymore, USA produces all we need once more :)

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I don't doubt what you say, but not doing a pdf to read.

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Just one thing to add:

Petrodollar isn't solely about American demand for the dollar. It's about ever-growing global demand for the dollar (growing demand means more dollars can be printed without losing much of the value to inflation). It's irrelevant where the oil comes from, as long as oil supplies are monopolized worldwide and sold in American dollars.

Hypothetically, imagine a world where all modes of transportation run off of hyper advanced batteries. If one could theoretically monopolize all the battery production of the world, and only sell these batteries in dollars, then the petrodollar could be replaced by a "battery dollar" as long as demand for batteries is ever-growing and high.

Ultimately, the value of the dollar depends on demand for a needed commodity that is exclusively sold in dollars. It doesn't matter if that commodity is oil or batteries or food or whatever. But control and monopolization of the commodity is essential. Hope this clarifies.

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But control and monopolization of the commodity is essential.

That's the job of the US Military- enforcement. Countries that have tried to switch from the "Standard" have suffered at the hands of our Military. Recently, China and Russia have abandoned the Petrodollar. China and Russia are practicing joint 300,000 man war games, as well. Perhaps that is why the pace to divide the US into more manageable chunks (Balkanize) has escalated.

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This is exactly the reason. Glad someone sees and understands this.