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Throughout history there is a correlation between great men of science and drug use, cannabis in particular. I just have to say the name Carl Sagan and I can drop my mic.

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Unfortunately there's no reciprocal correlation from drug use to brilliance.

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Nope. Lots of idiots use drugs too. If anything it's the extreme smart and extreme stupid that are drawn to drugs.

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On my screen i see ((((((Carl Sagan)))))) in your comment !

The Original (((Coincidence Detector))) causes my screen to do that :


an awesome database lookup for jews

Also Elon is not a scientist, he is an engineer, and not even a phd nor masters. He used south african family money to be a internet entrepreneur then bounced that into a variety of endeavors.

Elon hates degrees and education :


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So is your argument that he didn't smoke pot because he's Jewish or he didn't smoke pot because he's not an Engineer? Help me out here, which is it? This is very insane logic you're using here.

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something wrong with disliking the masonic-degree system of educational programming? graduate and wear the black square of saturn on your head?

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Not sure why you received the neg arrow. I liked what you stated after the science part which is utter bullshit. Science is beautiful and might be the greatest aspect of humanity. Read that in the morning and report back. The rest of it, however... largely true.

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Bold move, His share holders were accusing him of being a unhinged drug addict. I wonder how this will play out. FISA

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Lmao. Weed doesn’t make you a drug addict.

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And whisky doesn't make you an alcoholic. Just because you can be functional doesn't mean you aren't an addict. Met plenty of old hippies that are just insufferable grumpy cunts unless they get their fix.

Then there's the I can stop any time I want but, why would I mental gymnastics. I could but, I wont but, i totally could.

Then you have the lengths people will go to so they can keep smoking while looking for employment. Seriously it's not normal wearing a rubber dick filled with someone else's piss.

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It's a great move for mankind.

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Probably a push to take control of the company.

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You need to read a book on BASIC ECONOMICS!

You think that failure or success of a single misrun company like Tesla can change the laws of energy physics and the laws of supply and demand for 100 years?

You have no idea how silly you look to an educated person.

I read your posting and the literal words imply that if TELSA FAILS, then electric cars do not arise again for 100 years!


If a battery is invented that does not rot in 3 years, then an electric car might be viable if petroleum skyrockets in price.... but until then, tesla is a retarded option 10 years out of its proper time in history.

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You sound uneducated in engineering and finance. The tesla car is a huge net loss in current universe.

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Elon is interesting character. If his Tesla cars are wildly successful and end dependence on foreign oil, the Dollar (petrodollar) is over. Maybe that is why Obama supported him so much?


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end dependence on foreign oil,

Try a little basic thermodynamics.

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We don’t have dependence on foreign oil anymore, USA produces all we need once more :)

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I don't doubt what you say, but not doing a pdf to read.

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Just one thing to add:

Petrodollar isn't solely about American demand for the dollar. It's about ever-growing global demand for the dollar (growing demand means more dollars can be printed without losing much of the value to inflation). It's irrelevant where the oil comes from, as long as oil supplies are monopolized worldwide and sold in American dollars.

Hypothetically, imagine a world where all modes of transportation run off of hyper advanced batteries. If one could theoretically monopolize all the battery production of the world, and only sell these batteries in dollars, then the petrodollar could be replaced by a "battery dollar" as long as demand for batteries is ever-growing and high.

Ultimately, the value of the dollar depends on demand for a needed commodity that is exclusively sold in dollars. It doesn't matter if that commodity is oil or batteries or food or whatever. But control and monopolization of the commodity is essential. Hope this clarifies.

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But control and monopolization of the commodity is essential.

That's the job of the US Military- enforcement. Countries that have tried to switch from the "Standard" have suffered at the hands of our Military. Recently, China and Russia have abandoned the Petrodollar. China and Russia are practicing joint 300,000 man war games, as well. Perhaps that is why the pace to divide the US into more manageable chunks (Balkanize) has escalated.

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This is exactly the reason. Glad someone sees and understands this.

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I just watched it this morning, he obviously didn't inhale..


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Big fucking deal. The biggest issue I have with Elon is not his drug usage- it is his unbridled Socialistic attitude illustrated through a perpetual push to acquire billions seized from voiceless tax-payers to fund his goddamn stupid projects.

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"Drug" usage lol

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Found the degenerate pothead.

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Idiots who use drugs and

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Some of Mr. Musk's comments are profound. Rmemeber the movie FORBIDDEN PLANNET with the monster from the id? Mr. Musk said the Internet is the monster emerging from our id. (This explains Tai.) Just wait until we have Skynet.

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