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Nike is supporting anti-white racism. They did this because they knew their customer based was mostly minorities and were willing to insult white Americans to virtue signal to minorities. Colin’s participation shows that his protest was anti-white all along.

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He looks like a shit-covered toilet brush.

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He is a shit-covered toilet brush.

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Kapernick has a hook nose and a white family

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Is his White family a (((White))) family?

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Fucking hell all the cock-sucking idiots on twitter going apeshit over this overrated nigger.

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Don't worry, Twitter has already stopped growing. It will be as dead as MySpace in five years.

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I wonder about that sometimes, they get way more funding from (((the left))) than Myspace ever did.

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Is he even black? I seriously thought he was Arabic or something.

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All we know is he had a "black" father who abandoned him before he was even born. Before the giant Afro you can't even really tell he was part black. One of the things I point out is that he doesn't even sound black. If you just hear his voice you would definitely thing it was a white guy.

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Half. Bio mother (Heidi Russo) is white. Bio father is a black nobody who ran away after getting her pregnant.

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Nike's Colin Kaepernick "Just Do It" ad just dropped early


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that muslim woman is going to be stoned for heresy once filiming wraps up

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I don't follow sports at all, so I really don't who this bushmonkey is. I have never bought any Nike products in my life. So I guess it's no stretch to figure I don't understand if this is supposed to be some PR mindfuckery (No such thing as bad publicity). But why is everyone still falling for this shit? Just because some does or says something stupid we don't have to marvel over it. Dozens of post over this shit. The level of immaturity is epic.