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There is still some positive here, most people, groups and ethnicity, politics failed. The heroes of this day were the Koreans i imagine 95% immigrants from S.Korea the rest might have been Korean diaspora who moved from Japan, other places fled N.Korea or Koreans that came from Europe S.America or lived in California but most were South Korean. I don't know what it is about them, maybe because South Korea was just starting to function as an economy like Japan Taiwan and they immigrate and work legally...maybe because they came to America like the frontier or the original immigrants. Maybe its just the Korean embraced Americana and the whole US idea of property, freedom and the United States Constitution. Whatever it is, the RoofTop-Korean-Americans with their firearms saved an entire city from burning to the ground that entire week and it must have been a long week for them, abandoned by their politicians and police. Korean-Americans gave zero fucks about rodney bullshit politik king and any politicis, they shot anyone looting black, white, yellow, brown you got shot, the mob or hoodrat horde they looted and burned and even killed street by street then they arrived in Koreatown and they got no further.