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You can see the look of desperation on the shop owners' faces. They were raised by the Great Generation who hadn't internalized all the excuses of the Left. Out of line and your ass gets whooped. One generation later and they're all a bunch of thugs and crack whores. A Leftist victory.

Black neighborhoods are poison. The few (we're talking 1-2%) blacks I know that work hard and have a chance at succeeding just get dragged down by the rest. It's the crab mentality. Working hard to build a business or studying is betraying your people. Better to tear it all down than risk looking white.

My advice to anyone who gives a damn is get out, whatever the cost. Get everyone of any worth the hell out and wall it off and set it on fire. We'd save a penny or two on welfare as a bonus.

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There is still some positive here, most people, groups and ethnicity, politics failed. The heroes of this day were the Koreans i imagine 95% immigrants from S.Korea the rest might have been Korean diaspora who moved from Japan, other places fled N.Korea or Koreans that came from Europe S.America or lived in California but most were South Korean. I don't know what it is about them, maybe because South Korea was just starting to function as an economy like Japan Taiwan and they immigrate and work legally...maybe because they came to America like the frontier or the original immigrants. Maybe its just the Korean embraced Americana and the whole US idea of property, freedom and the United States Constitution. Whatever it is, the RoofTop-Korean-Americans with their firearms saved an entire city from burning to the ground that entire week and it must have been a long week for them, abandoned by their politicians and police. Korean-Americans gave zero fucks about rodney bullshit politik king and any politicis, they shot anyone looting black, white, yellow, brown you got shot, the mob or hoodrat horde they looted and burned and even killed street by street then they arrived in Koreatown and they got no further.

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And this is why blacks don't have stores and other services in their hood. Because they can't survive being robbed all the damn time. Maybe if these niggers worked for once, they'd see why. Although they're probably too stupid.

Respect for the store owner. The rest of them would be better off put down

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Despicable human beings talk about being repressed by whites yet rob from their own the first chance they get. This is why people don't like black people, the vast majority of them display this mentality. They are degenerates and their role models are degenerates. How stupid is a culture where the richest among them get rich by calling their women bitches and hoes. I have sympathy for that store owner for sure though. He is one of the exceptions to the black rule.

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I don't know man. This shit is coming to white area's as well. Drug users are everywhere in white neighbourhoods in Canada. As soon as the money runs out for drugs expect this shit to happen.

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Compare the percentage of black people to the percentage of white people who act in that manner. Point being the majority of white people are decent human beings for the most part where as the majority of black people are degenerates.

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I don't advocate wonton drug use at all, and I think Heroin, meth and coke is basically poison. That's said, if people could just fucking grow it in their backyard without being brutalized by everyone, they'd probably not bother robbing anyone. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but the truth is legalizing the production of drugs (you know, which is, growing a plant...) would drastically reduce crime across the nation. It's why places like the Netherlands have opioid distribution centers. It's not to promote degeneracy, but the simple fact of the matter is that people are going to do what they are going to do. Capitulating to pragmatic solutions can push our society forward.

If someone breaks my window, and I break their window in retaliation, I've accomplished nothing except creating two broken windows and assuaging my feefees.

Another personal example, I don't give a fuck about the moral arguments for traditional marriage. All the Bible and Jesus shit is just in the way bullshit. The only thing that matters is that it's a pragmatic solution to family structure.

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It's almost like this is what we said would happen if we gave them equal rights.

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Next up, we need to give all children equal rights to vote. I'm sure it'll make things even better.

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I don't even wanna know what Joe Biden would do to get their votes.

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Great history lessons here in what to expect. Police are not going to put themselves in harm's way to protect. Get on the rooftop, like the Koreans did and show the rifle.

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Blacks were much more conservative back in the days. This guy is awesome. He is taking an approach most whites would not dare take. We're a bit too nice.

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If anyone manned the rooftops armed with rifles today, they'd likely be identified by facial recognition after the fact and thrown in jail.

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Watching that, I can't help but hold my own kind responsible for this. We are the adults who didn't take responsibility for the immature, instead treating them like they were adults and giving them the keys to the castle.

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stealing other peoples dry cleaning. How fucking childish is that?

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