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From the comments this guy is speaking it like he is because he wants the Germans to wake up his name is Serge Menga he's a political activist and despises Merkel.

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I read his wikipedia page.

Menga tritt seit 2016 als Redner bei Demonstrationen auf, die dem rechten bis rechtsextremen Spektrum zugeordnet werden.

Menga has appeared as a speaker at demonstrations since 2016, which are assigned to the right to far right spectrum (google translate).

So basically this guy is a "Rechtsextreme" aka far right extremist because he's speaking against rapefugees. Holy shit Germany is cucked beyond saving. Not even niggers can get away for saying the truth about rapefugees. This reminds me the amount of hate Kanye gets for speaking against the democrat slave masters.

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Yes, he had some appearances at AfD events but refuses to join the party because he is a free person. I saw him before but I still wondered if it was him. Honestly his german skills were way too good for the average refugee.

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Way too good for a refushit/nigger

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This is how you can tell the difference between niggers and black people, or should I say “ die schwarze nazi “

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I got that impression too.

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Accept this? This is a simple zombie invasion. Treat it as such. They hate you point blank whitey.

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Even a nigger figured out that "refugee" is an invasion force.

I guess libtard wiggers are far more retarded than even subsaharans. To be honest libtards definitely deserve to be genocided. We should just make a deal with ISIS, we send them libtard "progressive" cucks for them to behead if they leave the conservatives alone. That's like win-win everybody happy.

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The weird thing is alot of young people are liberal then hit about 25 and grow up and become conservative... something has changed drasticaly these fucking idiot 25 to 35 year olds are literaly willing to genocide themselves in the name of pc culture...

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Except they are bound to their demon moon god to kill or convert everyone on planet earth. There is no making peace with Islam. Either you die or they do. That is the core of their belief system.

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Imagine a zombie invasion where the authorities defend the zombies. Now that's a nightmare.

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There'd be zombie rights activists.

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Regardless of how legit this is, is there one thing he said that isn't true?

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I like to use this method when trying to get someone to understand the seriousness of a situation. Some people just don't get it until it directly affects them / the threat is immediate. Gun debates for example, when explaining how all violent crime would go up with a gun ban, they'll always find some way to dismiss the argument but then I explain from a criminal's point of view and tell them what I would do to them and how the scenario would play out. They still may not acknowledge the argument but I can see a change and that the point got across to them.

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Actually is quite good, for showing the Germans how greatly they have fallen.

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It's satire. He's open about his opinions, it's not supposed to be interpreted as real.

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((( Hitler intensifies )))

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Broadcast this on every screen in Germany 24/7 until Merkel wears her last pair of Depends.

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They justify their own deportation.

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