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This is a really great video. For those who are unfamiliar with Germans, the injustice is a REALLY BIG PROBLEM for them. The idea that one set of citizens gets a different set of laws just absolutely drives them up the wall - there is no culture with more respect for the "man behind the desk" and assigned authority of law than Germans. Further, they have a much lower expectation of crime and public behavior than we do in the United States. In the US, vile catcalling, groping, and occasional rapes are shit but we're used to it - in Germany it's far more remarkable when these things are occurring and far less acceptable to them. The way these men and women are expressing themselves so passionately is revealed by that. The Germans are absolutely waking up.

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there is no culture with more respect for the "man behind the desk" and assigned authority of law than Germans.

which is why they will bend over to get fucke din the ass by immigrants during the morning prayer while looking at the nose behind the desk with respect

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I seriously expect a new nazi party to rise from this once enough German citizens get " culturally enriched", I expect it to take a long time tho.

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Yes pls

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The length of the woman's nose should tell you everything.

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As much as I'd like to believe every enemy of the west is a kike, she's more than likely a native German woman who's happily turned traitor because feelz n'shit.

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The West wouldn't be in the mess it is today without the help of white traitors.

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Incredible piece of media I shall not soon forget.

Germany has been saddled hard with forced immigration specifically because of their past as Nazis. The Germans cower from this history, rightfully or not. Therefore, pushing the (((agenda))) hard in Germany was important because they'd tolerate it longer and would face this comparison as soon as they didn't. Now tragically they will play out the antagonist in an orchestrated theater on the minds and spirits of average people.

Raw and ugly truth is beautiful.

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No, it is not because of their past as Nazis. It's not some sort of guilt. It is because they were the first to be conquered on WW2. Jews took all major positions of power and started trying to eradicate the local people, first by bringing in European foreigners, now with shitskins.

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Germans were the low hanging fruit.

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Question is: is this all part of the plan of the powers that be? Do they want a total disarray/civil war in Europe during the chaos of which they will assume complete control with an highly organized paramilitary style police force?

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Not just Europe. The globe. Its a way to cut the herds down in size.

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It's always been the kike's idea to harness white anger and direct it towards their enemies, even if they can merely slightly influence it with their own kind. You've seen it since they succesfully ended the onslaught on communism which was led by their kind, then it was directed to the Middle East for their Yinon plan, some of these kikes now in favor of pointing it towards Iran or Russia. Either way, more white deaths is the point.

No more brother wars, nuke israel.

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What would Satan want? A globe populated by brown subhuman sludge ruled over by a few all-powerful, insane, and perverted Jews for all eternity. Now what poison will help move you to that end? Is it degenerate sex? Nihilism? Hedonism? I'm sure it can be provided. And if all else fails, there's always pride or despair to stop you from acting.

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Those people seem angry and probably rightfully so.

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Look Who's Back movie (2015) Er ist wieder da - https://streamable.com/i5wv5 your favorite German movie ?? asking the @TheBuddha

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@TheBuddha gave me a lecture it hurt my feelings

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I cant watch shit like that

last place i lived my niebhor came from dearborn michigan. He confronted muslims robbing his property and they stabbed him

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That says it all.

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