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The dude is super based for a swede

He's only around (not banned from jewtube) because he is a kike lover. His friends list includes Markiplier, H3h3Productions and other known jew youtubers.

Not sure if that qualifies as super based. He just dislike some political correctness and political agenda in video games, that's all (like literally the average video gamers).

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So? He has goy friends? Philosemites always have goy friends.

Yet the fact still stands that Pewds is not anti-semitic and is pro-jew.

It should be obvious that if he is anti-semite the jews and JIDFs wouldn't let him be the no 1 in jewtube... or be in twatter, or be that popular in mainstream internet.

Idk why some Voaters likes to infer that pewds is just like them when on the contrary pewds is a schlomo shabbos using voat standard.