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well put. it's no coincidence silicon valley techies and their degen followers love the idea. "fuck it this is just a dream anyway"
for a more level-headed approach to the question, and possible refutation to the probabilistic argument on sound theoretical ground, i recommend the fabric of reality by david deutsch. not an easy read.


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Ah the "Multiverse," the modern hermetics of generative science, the precursor and predecessor of the Multiverse. Almost exclusively attributed to kabbalah mysticism in its contemporary form, is predicated on Cube worship. A slighted variation on Transhumanism and Transmutation whereby you ascend to other realities by way of some sort of transformative experience either biologically or mentally, or sometimes both. (ala X-men and "Mutants" etc.)

I have not read the book and am unfamiliar with the author. Thank you for the information.

Perhaps "david" deutsch avoids tired reiterations of Druids and Egyptians.


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he does touch on the multiverse in his book, especially as a possible explanation for quantum uncertainty. but that's not the crux of his argument. the part on the decidability of whether we live in a simulation or not is more general and fundamental than that and pertains to the realm of computability theory and turing machines, which he articulates very well. definitely worth a read.