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Whether a well produced video or not; the notion of hyper reality is still nihilism. It destroys human vigor, and thus, the idea itself is more destructive than actually destroying reality. Or, inversely, the notion makes uninformed minds apathetic by removing the idea that you have free will.

System wins again.

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well put. it's no coincidence silicon valley techies and their degen followers love the idea. "fuck it this is just a dream anyway"
for a more level-headed approach to the question, and possible refutation to the probabilistic argument on sound theoretical ground, i recommend the fabric of reality by david deutsch. not an easy read.

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Ah the "Multiverse," the modern hermetics of generative science, the precursor and predecessor of the Multiverse. Almost exclusively attributed to kabbalah mysticism in its contemporary form, is predicated on Cube worship. A slighted variation on Transhumanism and Transmutation whereby you ascend to other realities by way of some sort of transformative experience either biologically or mentally, or sometimes both. (ala X-men and "Mutants" etc.)

I have not read the book and am unfamiliar with the author. Thank you for the information.

Perhaps "david" deutsch avoids tired reiterations of Druids and Egyptians.

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You couldn't be more wrong. Everything is determined because of the simple logical chained relationship of cause and effect.

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Dammmmmmmmm son, you showed me!!!!