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Traditional orthodox Christian theology states that each person is uniquely created and we are all separate from each other. God exists in and through all things, but is separate from His creation (panentheism).

Man was created to be the high priest of the universe and fell to Original Sin which is that our first parents decided they would follow Satan's advice to bend creation to our own will instead of acting in union with it and we thus placed our Pride before the will of our Creator. This act introduced death into the world and placed spiritual blinders on us, preventing us from seeing things as they truly are, including the Creator who is present with us.

We all come into the world with this "concupisence", or penchant for sin. God came among us to be one of us and show us how we should live that when we die we may be united with Him forever in the New Creation. Jesus Christ left us with a Church and Sacraments through which we are empowered to live a holy life and again be opened to His grace in order to have that promised eternal life.

This is the unified faith of the first 1,000 years of Christianity, after which the split between the Orthodox and Catholic church occurred, essentially over the role of the Bishop of Rome (but that's another topic).


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If god is omniscient, didn't he know we would sin to begin with? So what was the point?


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Knowledge of an event does not equal causation: if I know you're going to the store tomorrow it doesn't mean I made you do it. Man used his free will in defiance of his Creator.

God used our disobedience to show His love by coming among us to elevate us to a greater place than we had been before. We don't know what that will be, but we see a glimpse of it in the witness and visions of people like St. John and other mystics.