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Basically, concepts and abstractions like money, social status, and "things" are mentally simulated extensions (simulacra) of the objective world. "Hyper-reality" is the term he uses to express not knowing where true reality ends and the simulated subjective reality begins. He uses Plato's allegory of the cave to say the shadows on the wall are objectively real (qualia), but our interpretation and understanding of them is itself a simulation and not real (though unconsciously believed to be so). We are driven to attempt to protect what we feel is real and the simulacra that deeply resonate within us.


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The World as Will and Idea by Arthur Schopenhauer, basically.


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He's still not addressing the Jungian dilemma. Famously espoused by Jordan Peterson.

All of our perceptions of reality is barely the surface, due to our inherent limitations. We envision the world through shared stories and narratives, shaped by 'culture' for such a long time that it's genetic. The built-in story tropes and narratives forming archetypes.

An example; every time you curse, you're activating a pathway evolved to warn your fellow social animal a predator is near, just like squirrels do. Our monkey ancestors were preyed upon by snakes, big cats and birds, making the universal human myth of dragons a hyperreality.

Our reality is living a story contingent on our frame, programmed through words, with no basis in reality itself.


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