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I watched this earlier today. It’s actually pretty good, not his usual meme content.

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Out of all the things you could have said, you chose that.

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Pretty sure that was the point.... Js

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To get to her position in life, she heavily invested in an industrial Lubricant company. They also manufacture Knee Pads.

Plenty of moisture.

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yeah i think he trying something new

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Sum it up for us?

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Basically, concepts and abstractions like money, social status, and "things" are mentally simulated extensions (simulacra) of the objective world. "Hyper-reality" is the term he uses to express not knowing where true reality ends and the simulated subjective reality begins. He uses Plato's allegory of the cave to say the shadows on the wall are objectively real (qualia), but our interpretation and understanding of them is itself a simulation and not real (though unconsciously believed to be so). We are driven to attempt to protect what we feel is real and the simulacra that deeply resonate within us.

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The World as Will and Idea by Arthur Schopenhauer, basically.

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He's still not addressing the Jungian dilemma. Famously espoused by Jordan Peterson.

All of our perceptions of reality is barely the surface, due to our inherent limitations. We envision the world through shared stories and narratives, shaped by 'culture' for such a long time that it's genetic. The built-in story tropes and narratives forming archetypes.

An example; every time you curse, you're activating a pathway evolved to warn your fellow social animal a predator is near, just like squirrels do. Our monkey ancestors were preyed upon by snakes, big cats and birds, making the universal human myth of dragons a hyperreality.

Our reality is living a story contingent on our frame, programmed through words, with no basis in reality itself.

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If this ain't some rich boy shit...

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I think the whole point of the video was bashing the Federal Reserve System, lol.

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Lololol he snuck that in there about USA abandoning the gold standard and money becoming imaginary so fucking funny. Boom Communists eat shit!!!!

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It’s worth watching.. I may even need to watch a second time

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nothin's real bruh

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I am real. My delusions are real. I declare everything part of my delusions. Everything is real. Everything is part of I am.

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Why is my brain simulating so many goddamn mexicans everywhere?

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Whether a well produced video or not; the notion of hyper reality is still nihilism. It destroys human vigor, and thus, the idea itself is more destructive than actually destroying reality. Or, inversely, the notion makes uninformed minds apathetic by removing the idea that you have free will.

System wins again.

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well put. it's no coincidence silicon valley techies and their degen followers love the idea. "fuck it this is just a dream anyway"
for a more level-headed approach to the question, and possible refutation to the probabilistic argument on sound theoretical ground, i recommend the fabric of reality by david deutsch. not an easy read.

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Ah the "Multiverse," the modern hermetics of generative science, the precursor and predecessor of the Multiverse. Almost exclusively attributed to kabbalah mysticism in its contemporary form, is predicated on Cube worship. A slighted variation on Transhumanism and Transmutation whereby you ascend to other realities by way of some sort of transformative experience either biologically or mentally, or sometimes both. (ala X-men and "Mutants" etc.)

I have not read the book and am unfamiliar with the author. Thank you for the information.

Perhaps "david" deutsch avoids tired reiterations of Druids and Egyptians.

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You couldn't be more wrong. Everything is determined because of the simple logical chained relationship of cause and effect.

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Dammmmmmmmm son, you showed me!!!!

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I like PewDiePie. He is amusing and seems like a genuinely decent enough guy. This is like 8th grade philosophy, frankly, but since my 7th grade son is a big fan of his, I guess that is suitable.

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The biggest misconception on the internet is the Pewdiepie is as dumb as his fanbase.

The dude is super based for a swede and has this uncanny grasp and understanding of media. I like his content. Even the sillier stuff.

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Yeah, I never thought I'd like his content; just based on what I had heard about his videos. After he had that big fiasco I started to check out his channel and found it to be entertaining. I was wrong about Pewdiepie, but I still haven't subbed.

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The dude is super based for a swede

He's only around (not banned from jewtube) because he is a kike lover. His friends list includes Markiplier, H3h3Productions and other known jew youtubers.

Not sure if that qualifies as super based. He just dislike some political correctness and political agenda in video games, that's all (like literally the average video gamers).

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his is like 8th grade philosophy

i disagree

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Okay. Well. I disagree with your disagreement. So there.

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Your brain is a simulation and therefore you are living in one

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Or rather your perception of reality is the simulation. We're living in reality, we just can't perceive it as it actually is. That is, unless the actual reality around us, not just how we perceive it, is actually a simulation as some propose.

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Yes what you said. Your eyes ears neurons and everything else helps you to interpret the reality outside of you but your brain is what stitches those separate experiences into one simulation of reality.

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Isnt that the bases of the Bible? We're sent here, unable to remember our spirit selves, while we live in this corrupted world to see if we're worthy of returning.

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Traditional orthodox Christian theology states that each person is uniquely created and we are all separate from each other. God exists in and through all things, but is separate from His creation (panentheism).

Man was created to be the high priest of the universe and fell to Original Sin which is that our first parents decided they would follow Satan's advice to bend creation to our own will instead of acting in union with it and we thus placed our Pride before the will of our Creator. This act introduced death into the world and placed spiritual blinders on us, preventing us from seeing things as they truly are, including the Creator who is present with us.

We all come into the world with this "concupisence", or penchant for sin. God came among us to be one of us and show us how we should live that when we die we may be united with Him forever in the New Creation. Jesus Christ left us with a Church and Sacraments through which we are empowered to live a holy life and again be opened to His grace in order to have that promised eternal life.

This is the unified faith of the first 1,000 years of Christianity, after which the split between the Orthodox and Catholic church occurred, essentially over the role of the Bishop of Rome (but that's another topic).

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If god is omniscient, didn't he know we would sin to begin with? So what was the point?

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Paganism says that, your soul is immortal, and during your life certain things and touches remember you of afterlives.

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Who’s that blonde girl I wanna beat her brains in

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That’s Katie Perry. The best part of that interview is when she asks him if science and math are related. I personally think NDT is not that smart, but he is way smarter than her. After she asks him, he just stares at her for a second before responding. It is pretty funny.

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It's a profound question, one I doubt most people could answer accurately. And it gets at the core of the most interesting, existential questions. I would hate to ever discourage anyone from asking things like that.

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I have to wonder if the mind control alter personality of hers that is Katy Perry is at a 6th grade education level, or if she is just THAT dumb!

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