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black women are the foulest beasts on earth

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They’re vile, total failures at culture and society. I know the white girl in this video. Unfortunately the creepy guy she’s with coming back from a festival is nothing more than a sack of queer potatoes. The nigger guy blindsides the creep and even hits the white girl to help the negress.

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Does it give you any new perspective on what Americans have been dealing with all these years?

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Are you implying niggers' were ever human?

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Humans dont have snouts

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These arent migrants they are probably 3rd generation britgroids. They have been importing them since the 50s, after they wasted all their resources and manpower on ww2. The couldn't afford to keep ruling jamaica and places like that so gave them up, and shipped over niggers to work in factories because churchill killed all the white men who should have been working there.

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and everyone just sits there? one couple literally walks away? fantastic 'society' you have over there Bongs, fucking wankers. you deserve to be overrun.

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As one of the JewTube commenters said, "implying those two obvious leftist hipsters deserve to be saved" lol

Comments are very red-pilled! Banhammer imminent . . .

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ha ha

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It's literally against the law to physically defend someone else in a fight over there.

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Never get involved.

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Compare to similar scenes in Russia.

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learn to fight you fucking cunts!

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American white godfearing men would have put those savage twigs in their places.

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I had to quit liveleak because of vids like this. After watching more than a few a day the rage I would feel was starting to concern me.

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They look like leftist fucktards that voted for those mongoloid niggers in the first place. Fighting is not their forté, whereby chimps have a slight advantage of having to fight for scraps, foodstamps and gibs.

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He's too busy consuming Soylent.

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I'm racist. I see that black girl and the white girl together and without knowing anything about them I instantly prefer the white girl by a wide margin. And I instantly assume the fat black girl is stupid and unpredictable and maybe prone to violence. How do I change?

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Nothing too change dude. You are right.

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She didnt look white to me.

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You are amongst friends here. As a white female, I can tell you that a lot of men share your views about nigger sows and us. Unfortunately, nigger bucks and goat fuckers prefer us as well. Also, I wouldn't call hating niggers racism. They are different species, not race.

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Don’t. Just becareful with what you say to who. Most are out to prove others wrong because they are in the wrong.

Sing a rasist song under your breath all day to pass the time, or whatever type of song you want. But be careful not to be over heard. I’m also a rasist, but I’m a Male, and it gets me into no end of shit with the PC brigade.

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not london.

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How proud the ww2 veterans must be!! https://youtu.be/uRf8WfuKkEc

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The one white guy who could have squared up with them, got out his seat and left the carriage.

Don't blame him. The police would probably have sided with the africans.

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He was black not an arab. You ccan hear his yardie accent too.

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