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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=1hXUxD5m_Wk :

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update: LERZ - Friday (Aug. 31, 2018) - YouTube

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Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update: Summit - Saturday (Sept. 1, 2018)

@le_squish - voater on scene, and mod of v/BigIsland.

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Its all just a cohencidence goy pay no attention to the jewyness on the wall.


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Native Hawaiians have long expressed frustration with the plant since it came online in 1989; they believe is built on sacred land. Goddess of fire, Pele, is believed to live on Kilauea volcano, and the plant itself is thought to desecrate her name.

But it's literally a volcano that's been erupting for millions of years. "Pele" is a fictional character, but those natives believe "she will spare your house if you believe hard enough." The plant was obviously put in the right place to generate geothermal energy. The people claiming Pele became angry are just superstitious natives. I wouldn't take them seriously.

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Pele is a literal diety. Energy takes many forms.

Your zio propaganda is noted. Putting the local area a danger since it could explode from the chemicals it uses that are highly combustible and along the flow path.

Keep thinking you are intelligent. No one who is dumber than you will ever figure it out.