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McMuffin Dindu Nuffin!

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That black guy is actually one of the chillest people ever, I can't believe he didn't just fuck them up.

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You know why? It's because he grew up in a household filled with nothing but women and children. He grew up around sheboons behaving like this. He knows you can't stop them. He knows he'd be in prison if he slugged the whore who tried to smash his skull with a blunt weapon.

He knows sheboons only listen to their White daddy- the State, typically the police. It's no use trying to reason with them, calm them down, explain to them the rules- once they've decided to chimp out, there will be a chimp out until they feel satisfied.

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It goes even further than this.

Sheboons rule the nigger community. While the dads are out of the picture, whether due to leaving, being incarcerated, or being dead, they have had the upper hand and have made things even worse.

While I hate niggers to no end, at least they understand what happens when you allow women into positions of power.

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nothing but women and children.

But you repeat yourself.

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White daddy

Don't make this about skin color. Enablers come from every race.

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He's a nigger

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Obama wanted them living next door to you so you could learn to discard your racism, goy.

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Obama would probably invite those bitches to the White House for a community service award if he saw that video.

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"I have two daughters I wish they be like you"

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obama is a subsaharran cannibal.

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So close, You were right until after subshararran.

Then again Barry supposedly smoked the cock so its a coin toss on that point

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  1. Waddle to nearest grocery store

  2. Purchase eggs, English muffins, cheese, sausage

  3. Go home and fucking cook and feed yourself

Worthless Niggers

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Sounds simple enough, but that requires discipline, self-control, planning, effort. You don't turn into a 400lb sheboon rampaging in Mcdonalds over egg mcmuffins if you possess any of those traits.

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dat truf b raycist n sheeeeeit.

(tosses chair @HappyMealBullshit)

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Or walk 3 blocks to the next McDonalds..

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"walk? wtf, he'll nah? do uber take food stamp?"

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Too much work. Just buy a jimmy dean premade sausage biscuit.

Oh wait.. that involves the labor of microwaving. Scratch that

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Home-made versions of anything at a burger joint is always 10x better anyways.

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Brah-man is just like a T-800, blocking flying chairs with one arm, probably chowing on the last McBeetus sandwich with the other.

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McBeetus 🤣

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"Why don I do be gettin' mah ehhmuhmuffin'! Yoo bess gimme dat shit rienaow! OOGA BOOGA EEK OOK BIX NOOD MUHFUGGAH PO MO GUB!"

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I wish they had community contributed subtitling.. wouldn't that be nice :)

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Chimpout aside, can we talk about how that man just one armed stopped a chair in full swing, TWICE without even flinching. I thought that shit only happens in anime.

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Noticed that too, chair deadstopped in his hand.

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Look at how nonchalant all the niggers are. They're like "Oh great, this shit again, more hoes actin' outta line." This is fucking NORMAL BEHAVIOR for niggers. Their women are so masculine, so out of control, that their men cannot physically restrain them out of fear. They'll let them swing potentially deadly weapons (you can smash a skull with a chair) at them, and just stand there- they know they can't be reasoned with.

When White girls do shit like this (and they do- just not nearly at the frequency sheboons do), there's always a White man nearby who simply walks in, scoops that bitch up, throws her over his shoulder, and carries her stupid ass off. See, you can do that to Becky; try that with Shaneequa, and she'll take the razor blade she has concealed under her wig out and slash your neck up.

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Just take another look at Shaneequa, not even a fucking forklift would be able to carry that thing.

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Yup, would throw off the load balance. Not worth the risk.

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