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LOL, I have a friend that is a crossdresser only on Halloween. He is tougher by far then all of you.

That said, fuck crossdressers, and trans, and fags, and libtards.

Hell, I think my wimpy ass is tougher than 90% of you :)

E: I don't know if I said this before, but one of my friends cracks me up. I am in his basement saying, "Why do you have all these [100] bottles of Vodka?"

He goes, "It is not Vodka, it is water. In case everything shuts down, I have water for my family."

... Okay. Cheers.

And "okay cheers" does not mean that. We have an agreement. He has the guns and fishing rods, I have the gold and silver. Apparently he also has the water.

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Shit never hits the fan with me (well, that isn't quite true). I just have solid friends :)

I just tell stories mate. And it is all true. Not a liar. But believe what you want :)