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Please don't link directly to these degenerates. They don't deserve the views and money.

Edit: drinking and punctuation have different means to their own ends.

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I think we all could use a pint after this filth.

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I could not make it 10 seconds into it, this fucking freak is a demon.

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Depending on your location, I’d recommend something like a bud light orange or a Seagrams strawberry lemonade. It’s really hot out here.

If you don’t wanna drink, just get some lemons, mint, a packet of sugar and iced tea.

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It looks like a trans, I am drunk, but am I right?

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yeah, and when that freakshow hits 40 it will kill itself

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It is, which is why it should only be referred to as an "it."

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I wish I hadn't even clicked the link. This is one of the most concentrated messes of pure ignorance, inaccuracy, and pure hypocrisy I've seen in a while. It's like everything wrong with the left stuck in the freezer like one of those lemonade concentrates. Just add water.

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This moron is scarcely worth a comment. There are millions of SJWs that believe what this cartoon of a cross-dresser believes. This arrogant loon just posts crap on YouTube. Who cares?

Fuck him.

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It just a ignorant POS, who really could part of a social school paper on degeneracy & ignorance

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*It should be the preferred pronoun. It is now sterile, so it doesn't deserve anything but being referred to as an object.

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I bet it's that one faggot.

zooms in on thumbnail

Knew it!

leaves a comment

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love the bit at the beginning “you can’t change the meaning of a word just because you don’t like it’ - the irony of being told that by a tranny who thinks you can be a woman just by growing your hair and putting on a dress is stunning

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That's an instigator and aggressor. He's so mentally fucked in the head he doesn't understand he's chosen a side and it isn't any white person's.

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More drivel from the stupid bloody woopsie who says that it is 'hateful bigotry' for a straight male not to want to date zher.


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I thought this was the video he made because lesbians wouldn't date him because he had a penis.

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that shit is a dude L-O-L

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=TqL-XzcqO4I :

"White Genocide" is not a thing | Riley J. Dennis - YouTube

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