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Christianity united Europe whenever Europe was in danger of the Saracen hordes, take your nihilism/pagan/voodoo nonsense elsewhere you ungrateful degenerate, it was also the Christian Byzantine Empire that kept Europe safe for 1,000 of those years by acting as a buffer between Europe and the Middle East. I am quite glad that Europeans back then were wise enough to follow God so that they might fend off the muslim hordes, and you mock them for their courage.

You deserve none of the fruits of modern civilization, which spawned forth from the protection that the Christian world offered to us. Christianity has always been a poignant flower of Europe and Vice Versa, the two are married, as evident by the majestic cathedrals and knowledge that flowered in this world through the church, which is why the left hates it so much.


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Sorry babe, it must hurt to discover you are a pawn in someone else’s game!