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Do most Israeli kids shows feature women with their boobs hanging out?

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They are a very sick society

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It's an absurdist TV show, similar to what Wonder Showzen was in the US. So by "children", we should be thinking teens probably. That said, I think what is portrayed is something they do believe. It's just that they are doing it under the guise of parodying something. Similarly, Wonder Showzen used to say some pretty racist shit, but did it by being absurdist so everyone took it as parody.

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I showed my son this bit.

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I'd fuck her.

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I think we all would, son.

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It's a parody TV show.

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Comments directly to the youtube clip

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What is the name of the show?

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Its Latma TV

A known Zio-Kike propaganda wing run by Dual-Citizen ((( Caroline Glick )))

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youtube commenter

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You have a source on that?

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Cannot see it from Italy

Censorhip at full speed...

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1) Go here: https://free-proxy-list.net/ 2) Search for and Choose a Proxy in a different Country (elite proxy works best) 3) Configure your Browser to use that Proxy 4) Go to the Site, watch video via Proxy, Enjoy

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Try this https://invidio.us/watch?v=bRyG8PJDE4U Name the Jew Open Borders for Israel !! also name the Crypto muzzies

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Ireland too. Fucking GDRP

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Blocked in Finland as well.

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I’m sorry, sniveling rat face & all, those are great tits.

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You aren't wrong. The face looks fine as well. A DNA test would probably reveal that she's mostly European.

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That's because you can be 1/100 jew and still be literally a jew. For example:

  • Irish man + jew woman = jew daughter A
  • A + asian husband = crypto jew B
  • crypto jew B + african husband = crypto jew C
  • crypto jew C + latino husband = crypto jew D
  • crypto jew D + arab husband = crypto jew E
  • crypto jew E + russian husband = crypto jew F

Needless to say, crypto jew F is not going to look like a jew but is actually working for the jewish cause because she knew that she's a jew if she knew her ancestry. Shapeshifting is not a meme, jews can literally look like anything because a jewess give birth to jews regardless who the dad is. The kids can look like the goyim dad but they are still technically jews.

Just because your neighbor doesn't have a hook nose and doesn't even have a light skin doesn't mean that he's not a jew or working for the jewish cause. You won't even be able to tell the difference between a subsaharan jew and a subsaharan goyim. Your neonazi peer might actually be a crypto jew who is there as a sleeper agent/mole, there's jews in every single anti-semitic organizations... that's why none of them ever go anywhere.

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Thanks for the support. I was timid to be the first one to say it. I just couldn’t muster up anything antisemetic as I looked at her physique.

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Khazar milkers

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Well fuck me... a Jewish talking monkey.

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It's the Israeli answer to Kermit the Frog.

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IvO09 4 hours ago

Anyone reading the comments should note that this video was linked in a forum (voat) with angry cucked far right extremists.

E: https://www.youtube.com/user/IvO09

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Plot twist: IvO09 is @samy90a44

user for 3 months

Checks out

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Nope. Try again Einstein.

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To anyone saying "its just a joke goyim", go fuck yourself. They reinacted the fucking crucifixion, with a screaming monkey.

If we cant make jokes about "pedal powered mind control machines" without our livelihood and family being destroyed, kikes cant makes jokes about the time they MURDERED GOD.

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How can you murder an imaginary friend?

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If there is one thing in the past 2 years that Earth has learned ? JEWS loving fucking with children,. and actually fucking children. Its in the Torah.

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Kind of curious, how the Torah mirrors the Koran, and visa-versa. I wonder if, in retrospect, if Albert Pike did get it right..

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